Knowledge is power; 

Spiritual Knowledge is

Most precious of

All sorts of knowledge. 

Your true guide is


There within you.

Adi Muniswar Yogeswar Shivkumar  Shastri  

 - Founder of Munisamaj

                In this materialistic world today yoga is like a ‘balm’ in order to get peace, tranquility and happiness. Meditation is a goal for many to get peace and enlightenment within. People around the world have a desire to know more and more about yoga. 


            "Yoga Education Training & Research Centre " in this context is a big step towards human health, peace & bliss and it undergoes research on yoga. This august institution is situated at Shakuntalapur near Chandikhol in the state of Odisha in the Indian Sub-Continent. Also there is accommodation facility for patients and learners of yoga. Even Cancer patients are being cured here with the help of yoga. The entire human body can be scanned through Third Eye Meditation of yoga. The unique Chakra Vedan Yoga of Sadguru Shiv MuniJi is being practiced with more research to get it reach throughout the world.

               Yogi Subarna Muni and Guruma Mamata ji spearhead this moment by the said yoga research centre. Yoga trainings are imparted time to time in this centre under the direct guidance of Baba Subarna Muni ji. Those who have failed from medical come to this research centre and get cured. Its fame and popularity has spread beyond the state of Odisha and through this website people anywhere in India and abroad can know its functions and activities.

           The enthusiasts please contact Yoga Education Training & Research Centre directly through e-mail/ letters/ phones.



Yogi Subarn Muni :

"  Will power is most powerful. "

      - Founder of Yoga Education Training & Research Centre, Shakuntalapur