Yoga Education Training & Research Centre,

                                                          Shakuntalapur, Odisha, INDIA

         Yoga Education Training & Research Centre at Shakuntalapur is situated in the District of Jajpur in Odisha State in  the eastern coast of India.
         It is near Chandikhol, Chhatia and Badachana. The Research Centre is situated on a picturesque place surrounded by a hill and a river near by. From the state capital Bhubaneswar and ancient capital Cuttack there are regular bus services upto  those places from where one will have to come to the Yoga Research Centre at Shakuntalapur. Also there are regular flights to Bhubaneswar from N Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

          Subarna Muni and Gurumaa Mamata have been spearheading the message and yoga (chakravedan yoga) of Adi Muniswar Yogeswar Shivmuni Ji and curing patients . Even polio,cancer and other diseases of people have been cured through yoga. Many diabetes, blood pressure patients throng at the Centre and get cured easily.     
                       Also in the Centre there is  preaching of the wisdom of yoga to enhance will power, spiritual power and physical power. Its literature can be found in The Eternity international journal published from India.
     Its website is :
      People who have been worried and helpless and failures from hospitals should reach there and learn meditation and Chakravedan yoga and get cured. Also please spread this good news across the world for the welfare of mankind. Any body can be a MUNI and member of MuniSamaj and savor this bliss discovered by Sadguru Shiv Kumar Shastri Ji.
       Subarna Muni and his better half Guruma Mamata have dedicated their lives for this great cause for the wellbeing
of humans around the world.
         To contact them at the Yoga Research Centre Please visit to the Contact page.    

                         -  jayjib

                                                                                       SIVA MUNI MAHARAJ